We developed our Neoprene Handbags when we were tired of having bags that were so heavy before we put anything in them.  We wanted a fabric that kept it's shape when being used and was also washable.  So the neoprene bag was born.

The tote bag design is a simple and common one, to make them different from others we decided to jazz it by using scarves as the handles.

Our tote bags have been handmade by a company called "Hatch" here in Hong Kong this is their story:

HATCH, an impact purpose initiative by Social Ventures Hong Kong, which aims to redefine the "Made in Hong Kong" culture by bringing local brands and women with diverse backgrounds together in a co-working factory space. We employ women as HATCH Talents, providing them with a family-friendly and flexible working model as well as career- building opportunities that create room for personal growth and social ladders out of poverty.


We at Y2squared feel it is important to give back to our local community, the ladies at Hatch have done an amazing job with our bags, and we hope to continue supporting then with new colours through the seasons.

Tote Bag Sandstone