Messy hair days are a thing of the past. Style your hair elegantly with our Scarf Scrunchies.

Enjoy a versatile range of hairstyles with these gorgeous hair accessories. You can choose to wear the scrunchies individually to tie your hair up or wear the scarves as a chic wrist accessory, or even attach to your bag for some decoration.


When worn together, our Scarf Scrunchies bring a vibrant touch of elegance and softness to your entire look. Look stunning anywhere you go, whether it is just lounging at home, shopping with friends or a day at the beach.


What does the bundle include?

The bundle comes with 4 different colors. You can freely interchange and customize to suit any occasions and styles that you wish to pull off.

Why pick our Scarf Scrunchies?


  • Four stunning colors and patterns of scrunchies and scarves
  • Made from soft satin fabric
  • Gentle on the hair and tangle-free
  • Can be worn separately, either as a scrunchie or a scarf 

Scarf Scrunchie Daisy Design Bundle