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This Mask Accessory is a Complete Game Changer

If there is one thing that this pandemic has proven, it’s that face masks have become a part of our everyday life. Especially in Asia, people definitely understand the importance of wearing them every time they appear in public.

After the initial scare back in January 2020 that led to queues around every corner, we now have every variety of mask available in the shops; reusable ones made from silk, bamboo, or cotton, with some that take filters and some that don’t. However, walking around the streets here in Hong Kong, it seems that the disposable mask is still the firm favourite. Could this be due to the high pace of life here in Asia? Or is it the worry that reusable masks cannot be properly sterilised?

Either way, when you consider the many colours, patterns and designs available in disposable masks on the market, it’s understandable that disposable masks have the edge.

But the real question is…What to do with your mask when you need to remove it? Whether you’re taking a quick drink, stopping to have lunch, or even just looking to have a quick cool down, your mask remains a handful. Quick (but less sanitary) solutions include hanging the mask from one ear, or pulling it down your chin, or throwing them into your nearby handbag. But, there is another solution—one accessory has been hitting Europe quickly over the past 6 months.

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Introducing: The Mask Chain — yes, we can turn our necessity of needing to have a mask on-hand all the time into a fashion statement. Mask chains are available in many different designs, such as resin links, gold chains, beads, or pearls. With all the different varieties available, it is certain that people can find the one to suit their individual style.

Who would have thought that PPE would become the latest fashion accessory?

If you are questioning how sanitary it is to have a mask hanging on your body when not in use, don’t fret. Cassandra Pierre, infectious diseases physician at Boston Medical Centre, says although this is a valid concern, “we know from current research that infection from indirect or direct contamination of objects is really quite low – less than six percent.”

Further, the studies that showed how the virus held up on a surface “were done with large, massive doses of COVID-19, which do not show real life settings.” Plus, anything that is going to make a mask something you are actually going to reach for and want to wear is helpful in the grand scheme of things.

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In general, mask chains are a wonderful idea; they ensure you always have your mask on-hand, especially when jumping in or out of your car quickly or for a short time.

In addition, as half our faces are now covered and we have fewer reasons to dress up, face mask chains are a new way to express your personal style. With many choices on the market like a simple lanyard or an elegant chain style, the choices are growing.

Written by Angela Comer-Lam

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