People always ask what does Y2Squared mean, to me it is one of the most precious things in the world, my daughters name, although an abbreviated version of it.  Her forename initials are YY and often growing up she would write Y2 and sometimes be called this by friends.  So when we decided to do this business together I asked her if we could use her name, thinking along the lines of YEL, being her full initials, but she suggested Y2, so it stuck.

We decided on minimalist birthstone jewellery as we had not seen anything like this on the market in Hong Kong. We love the way the stones just look like they are floating on your skin as it is difficult to see the thread they are hung on. I actually got asked once if it was a piercing!  And as the brand name is precious to me why not use precious and semi precious stones.


We hope that you will love our range as much as we do. 


Birthstone Jewellery and Keeping it Light with Neoprene Handmade Handbags

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